Launch Day!! Jorie Loves A Story, officially launches!!

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As you can see, my blog has officially launched! :) I have been steadfast in my intent to go *live!* since I originally began composing the vision for what I wanted this blog to be in the closing hours of March 2013! Life being life, certain things interfered with this dream of mine happening sooner, a bit of a hinting of that is listed under the posting, “Your never quite prepared,…” July became my haven for health and wellness, carving out every inch of space and time I had to give to my little bookish blog on the blogosphere,… burnt more than my fair share of midnight oil lasting long into the dawning hours of each new day!

Days where a comforting nosh on cheese pizza slices with a tall glass of Arnold Palmer nursing your insomniac approach to blogging; a breakaway afternoon celebrating your Mum’s birthday, nibbling on delish quesadillas and heavenly soaking in the aroma and decadence of an espresso raspberry mocha latte; and those comfort food eat-on-a-flash dinners where you put garlic mashed potatoes into a bowl and heap on a  bag of frozen lovelies {being of soup or meal} to warm your soul and carry you onwards towards your goal! And, even the delicate whisperings of the same latte in-between meals, warming your courage to carry-on past fatigue and wiring your brain to articulate everything you have to say as the night marches forward towards dawn!

I worked fervently hard to *tweak!* each post with the help of a lovely copy editor and spun my spin on the books I read as I consumed them! This is my little gift back to the world of writers: little notes of gratitude to reflect upon their contributions to publishing and to the written word! I have amassed quite a heap of positive experiences since mid-Autumn 2012 with the addition of “Shelf Awareness for Readers” in my life; since Mid-Spring 2012 with the addition of “First Impressions” via Book Browse; and since late-Autumn 2012 when I underwent a mission to become active in the blogosphere visiting bookish bloggers, published authors’ blogs, author group blogs, aspiring authors, and every niche in-between!

This is my way of saying, “Thank you!” and for making a contribution to the lovely corner of bookish culture I have come to appreciate ever so much! Bless you for joining me on my new journey! May my blog be a stop on your travels in the netherspheres of the webs!

– Jorie

{SOURCES: Notepad image and Quote button provided by Shabby Blogs, with alterations to the notepad by Jorie via FotoFlexer! A special shout-out to the lovely women behind Shabby Blogs & Shabby Blog’s Blog who provide the resources for bloggers everywhere to personalise their space and feel a bit of their personality shining through! Bless them for making all of this available for FREE!}

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I am self-educated through local libraries and alternative education opportunities. I am a writer by trade and I cured a ten-year writer’s block by the discovery of Nanowrimo in November 2008. The event changed my life by re-establishing my muse and solidifying my path. Five years later whilst exploring the bookish blogosphere I decided to become a book blogger. I am a champion of wordsmiths who evoke a visceral experience in narrative. I write comprehensive book showcases electing to get into the heart of my reading observations. I dance through genres seeking literary enlightenment and enchantment. Starting in Autumn 2013 I became a blog book tour hostess featuring books and authors. I joined The Classics Club in January 2014 to seek out appreciators of the timeless works of literature whose breadth of scope and voice resonate with us all.

"I write my heart out and own my writing after it has spilt out of the pen." - self quote (Jorie of Jorie Loves A Story)

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Posted Monday, 5 August, 2013 by jorielov in Jorie Loves A Story

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17 responses to “Launch Day!! Jorie Loves A Story, officially launches!!

    • Ms. Tod,

      Thank you for stopping by my blog! I found yours whilst perusing the book tours on *French Book Tours*, and having turned in my application to being a Host(ess), I started to visit blogs associated with the tour of The Many Lives of Miss K. Whereupon, I saw the cover art for your book Unravelled, which led me to apply to be a stop on your book tour! I am awaiting word from Ms. Cazabonne to see if I am to be included! All of this was made possible by a friend of mine, who blogs at: CaffeinatedLife, as she was spotlighting the tour of The Bones of Paris!

      After I concluded my enquiry, I pulled up your blog and realised that I wanted to follow your journey! Imagine my full surprise to find you alighted on my blog shortly thereafter! Thank you for your compliments on my blog! And, congratulations in return for your debut book releasing this month!

  1. I’m a bit beyond your official launch day, but finally was able to stop by. Your blog looks great and there’s no doubt a lot of hard work and thought went into the creation of it. Wishing you all the best in the blog world and thank you for including me in your list of authors on the sidebar.

    • No, not at all! Your timing is absolutely perfect! Besides, I know you have a tight schedule whilst your on tour! I am simply thankful you were able to drop by and see what I have been up too! A lot has been going on since I launched, and I am grateful beyond words!! Thank you for your compliments, I truly did put my heart into JLAS! Of course, I’d include you! I smiled seeing it was you, who was visiting today!! And, can I just say, your ‘monster’ is adorable! I think that’s one of my favourite features: the little monsters everyone is assigned! :)

    • Hallo, Lianne!! *waves whilst smiling!* Thank you!! I am indeed celebrating launching my blog! I nearly couldn’t believe the day had arrived where I could finally ‘share!’ it with the blogosphere! All those long hours to build it and get it ready to launch were eclipsed the first time I saw it outside of the veil of WP! I’m eager to post new book review myself, stay tuned! I have *Pride & Prejudice* on the docket, as well as a heap of posts coming during the Bout! Afterwards, more Austen!! Thanks for your support!!

  2. Lotte

    Hi Jorie, love your new blog! It’s saturday morning here and I’m enjoying reading and browsing through your blog a lot. It’s starting to inspire me to breathe life into my own blog again…

    • Lotte!!

      It’s so good to hear from you! I will promptly add your book blog under my *Friends Love Books* section!! I must admit, I have missed reading about which book you were discovering, and following your reading life! Ooh, this warms my heart! Have a brilliant Saturday!

  3. Noela Nancarrow

    Hey Jorie, I finally made it! :) Your blog shines girl, and wow have you been busy!! Lovely to see OWG listed among your fave blogs to visit. You always make our day when you stop by! Congrats again on such a fine blog!

    • Thank you, Ms. Noela for saying my blog shines!! That is such a clever way of putting it!! And, thank you for dropping by to check out what I have built here!! Oh, I am always a happy girl visiting OWG! I am happy to bring smiles to you guys!

    • And, thank you Ms. Mollet for stopping by,… I have a sneaking feeling that I am going to enjoy myself quite a heap!! Your lovely compliment made me smile! :)

  4. We’re grandparents ~ not in the traditional way perhaps but nonetheless ~ it’s a “Blog baby”! We’re so happy her da and I. She’s been nourishing her baby since March 31st and finally on August 6 he was born or as they stay in the blogosphere “Launched”. Jorie has been interested in books since a baby looking at pictures books. At five she took her grandparents dictionary to kindergarten wanting to share her love of words at show & tell. At 9 her teacher encouraged her to read more books each and every month. Her da and I encouraged her always to have by her bed a book and music cassettes throughout her growing up years. As an adult, it was a natural progression to launch a blog . . .

    Jorie, we’re so proud of you.

    • Hallo, Ms. Mathews such a pleasant surprise seeing you *pop* up on JLAS! Thanks heaps for the positive feedback! I am enjoying stepping back as people start to discover everything I have put together! :)

    • Thank you, Ms. Baay for your wonderful comment!! I appreciate this very much! It’s a pleasure you stopped by my blog! And, cheers to you being the first to comment on my *launch* post!! :)

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